Nolfurf, although it has been mentioned the Allohic Ancestors share traits with the Wyltt races



Native Languages:

Allohic, Ancestral Allohic


Alloh is derived from their deity 'Aloh'

The Alloh are a Nolfurf race of humanoid creatures with long, powerful monkey-like tails. They reside across Dene but are native to Harrowsheart and are well-known as incredible warriors, a skill which they have used in battle many-a-time.



Political ViewsEdit

Although once known for their views on a unified kingdom of provinces, the Alloh rulers have become greedy and powerful, disagreeing with rulers of other kingdoms and taking them for themselves.

Religious ViewsEdit



Allohic people have always had a firm belief that their Eidolon's are constantly watching over them. Due to their animalistic nature and bloodline love for wild creatures, they believe an animal familar will appear before them to guide them to safety at times of need, often following their destined master for the rest of his or her life and passing on to [heaven thing] with them.

Allohic AncestorsEdit


Relationship with other racesEdit


Notable AllohEdit

  • Marz Hollowfield ("The Adventures of Marz Hollowfield")


Name EtymologyEdit

Alloh has no literal meaning, as far as I'm aware, and neither Alloh, Allohic nor Aloh are related to the word Allah and is in fact a play on words on the pronouciation of 'hello' in a Northern English accent... Seriously. Allohic is a language of made up phrases and words, which I come up with on the spot and unlike Dyn'a, is not derived from anything in particular.