Magic is the general term for the ability to control supernatural powers birthed in Celetica; magic in Dene is legal and is widely used with many teachers scattered around most settlements. The ancient magic was originally weilded by a mysterious, Celetica-bound male and tought to chosen travellers. Said travellers spread word of the magic and its use remained in the hands of those now considered the Sages of Solitude or 'originators of the six styles of teachable magic' to be taught to those gifted with a tolerance for magical use.

Categories of MagicEdit

Magic is split into many different categories in order to define each spell. Many categories have sub-categories in order to further define the use.

Main CategoriesEdit

The main categories are:

Combination MagicEdit

Combination magic is a practise often used by incredibly powerful wielders, the process involves concentrating two magic types into a single entity at a time. This requires an amazing tolerance to perform and, even with such immense power, the risk of death is high.

Examples of Combined MagicEdit

  • Raising the Dead is a combination of Summoning magic and Necromancy magic.