Hammerhead Isles mainland

Native Languages:

Communicate through hisses, as well as sounds made with the 'clacking' of their plated exoskeleton


Pyrp is derived from Pry cop, meaning spider in Welsh

The Pryp are a terrifying race of humanoid spiders who skulk around in the forests of the Hammerhead Isles hunting down all manner of prey.


Pryp are known to come in many different sub-species, most notable the 'Silent Orbspinner" which is very often called "the most dangerous creature in the whole of Dene" for its poisonous, hair-like spines dotted across it's pitch-black exoskeleton. The creatures usually stand fairly short, only at 3 off the ground on two long legs, with a short armoured torso and six slender arms, each with eight notched fingers. Their heads usually differ between sub-species, however eight glistening, black, ball-like eyes protruding from the creatures are always found while sharp poisonous fangs and small 'feelers' are often seen too.

Political or Religious ViewsEdit

The Pryp aren't known to have any conventional ideas of politics or religion, often not even known family or abiding by any rule. From birth their eggs are laid and the mother often disappears once hatched, leaving the children to thrive in a 'only the strong survive' type situation. It does appear, however, due to famed Allohic scientist Dart the Bloodhungry's research the Pryp have a long standing relationship with the beast race of Udokin whom they don't appear to attack.

Nos PrypEdit

The Nos Gene affects, as it does all Wyllt races, in a way that occasionally changes an infectee to a more primal form during times of great distress, anger, depression or negativity. In the case of the Pryp, they become larger and much more powerful, with a more potent vemon and a more traditional spider-like creature.

Known Sub-SpeciesEdit

  • Silent Orbswimmer
  • Whiteband
  • Redband
  • Grasslurker
  • Diving Bell
  • Lakeweb
  • Fireleg
  • Barkcrab
  • Curvehorn
  • Meshweaver
  • Wolfprince
  • Fishing Creepwalker
  • Graysmoke
  • Stripeleg
  • Recluse
  • Suntiger