Ritualistic Magic is magic created for summoning, necromancy or ritual purposes.

Types of Ritualistic MagicEdit

The types of Ritualistic Magic are as follows:

Ritual MagicEdit

Ritual Magic is magic the allows the user to perform rituals, such as the Ein Ritual. Ritual Magic does not require a high level of magical tolerance and as such can be used by almost anybody although it is a forbidden practise favoured by the Cult of Rael.

Summoning MagicEdit

Summoning magic is used to summon creatures and/or people from different areas or planes. The size and power of the creature dictates how much magical tolerance a person needs to summon them. Extremely tolerant individuals can summon otherworldly creatures.

Necromantic MagicEdit

Although Necromancy is considered a Caster trait, the magic itself is ritualistic. Necromancy is an incredibly powerful type of magic that allows the user to contact the dead with a blood offering. Through a combination of Summoning magic and Necromancy magic one can, in theory, raise the dead. Necromancy requires an extreme tolerance of magic however and many who try often fail.