As of the extinction of the Ko'dyn the dates were reset, birthing what is know known of as The Second Age.

Notable EventsEdit

268 YR - 'Cult of Cold Blood' leader Sael Deathlead perfects the Ein Ritual and sucessfully converts his captive 'son' Rael Darkone to a partial Ewaroed

307 YR - Jaro the Great conquers the Eiradyn province, murdering King Yetoh Nas'all and taking the Ei'hero province for the Alloh, renaming it Snowhaven during the Ei'hero war. Only weeks before, Jaro took a part in an Ein Ritual, becoming a partial Ewaroed and securing his victory with immortality.

409 YR - Rael summons a great sky whale to test his new found strength, within minutes the enormous creature and the supernatural continet of Celetica were destroyed, leaving only fragments.

500 YR - The Alloh novelist Marz Hollowfield departs from Rafkmoar in the Byspher province to hunt down Rael the Darkone, and to adventure the world of Dene as his father King Dans Hollowfield did before him.